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  • Nowadays, more and more people suffer from the hair loss and they desire to get their hair back.
    Hair Beam is a non-invasive low level laser system for hair regrowth and hair regeneration.
    This is equipped with highly effective 27LDs and 42LEDs modules to maximize the treatment result.
    The low level laser beams deliver just right energy to the scalp directly with no pain.

  • Hair Growth Stimulation Laser


  • Frontier on Hair Treatment Device 

    The HairBeam has the total 69 units of LD and LED laser, vibration function in them. 
    While using the HairBeam, it’s laser light and vibration function stimulate scalp, a hair follicle, and capillary consistently and provide nutrients
    and oxygen on the whole head. Also, you can operate it very easily by using remote control which has laser mode, vibration mode. 
    And mixed function mode button. 

    Laser Investigation, Vibration, and Acupressure 

    Hair Beam which weighs 950g, presses on the whole scalp area when running laser and vibration mode.
    The vibration function stimulates capillary in the scalp: therefore, it makes your skin relax.
    Fine laser diodes reach on the scalp closely and penetrate into scalp: therefore, it increases blood flow of capillary.
    Such laser makes the hair root healthy.

     Helmet Type Medical Device 

  • The LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy) approved by FDA uses laser wavelength which is low power optical therapy.
    The LLLT has proved its safety by FDA when reaching on the skin.
    Most of hair laser therapy uses LLLT for the people suffering hair loss 

    Spread to Worldwide

    We have sold it to worldwide consistently

    KFDA and CE, CFDA Medical approved. FDA approval is now on the process. 

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  • Light, compact and easy to use
  • LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)
  • 69 units of LD & LED lasers


  • · Hair loss treatment
  • · Hair Restoration
  • · Strengthen Hair thickness
  • · Hair Regrowth


  • Inner side

  • Controller


System Type LD / LED
Function(Mode) Laser
Wavelength 630nm, 650nm, 660nm
Ld Module 27
Led Module 42
Treatment Time 18, 21, 24 minutes
Unit Package 1 set
Rate Voltage
100-240VAC, 5VDC, 3A(adaptor)
Weight 595g

Clinical Data

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